Super Secret Backroom

Thank you for your interest in our Super secret backroom for your event.

Back Room Details

Please read through the details outlined below, along with our FAQ below. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them in the inquiry form. See you soon, party animal.

25 ppl Max

The room can not hold more than that, we will have to turn people away if the party exceeds.


$500 (No food and drink minimum) Includes a server for the duration of the event.

Fri - Sat

$500 + $1k food and drink min. $1.5k total. Includes a server for the duration of the event.



How late can i rent the space?

The space can be rented until 1 am.

Can I bring in outside food?

Yes, please let us know if you are planning to do so.

Can we preorder sushi?

Yes, please let us know 24 hrs ahead of time.

Can I have live music or a DJ?

Unfortunately no, but you will have access to the stereo.

Can we bring decorations?

Yes, please refrain from using any tape or tacks on the walls.
All Decorations must be removed by the end of the event. please, please, pleeeeeeeease no glitter or confetti!… please

Can we have more than 25 ppl?

No, we will ask that people leave if the party exceeds 25 ppl.

Can we have more than 25 ppl if they come at different times?

There can be no more than 25 ppl in the room at one time.

Can we use the projector?

Yes, the staff is more than happy to set that up for you.

Do you offer desert?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I check out the space?

Absolutely, we are open 7 days a week until 2am. Come on by!

What happens if I don't meet the minimum?

The difference will be added to the hosts tab at the end of the night.

Do I get a discount if the party event is short?

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts.

What do I do if my party is running late?

If your party is running late, please call the bar and let them know. We highly recommend that the host arrive 30 min prior to the event.


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